Custom Logo Door Mats

Custom Logo Door Mats

Stunning Entrance Mats, combine on the floor marketing with Dirt control, these mats are made of 750g Nylon twist cut pile with Nitril rubber backing, designed to industrial door mat standards to with stand heavy traffic.

Ideal for:

  • Building entrances
  • Promotions
  • Marinas
  • Boats
  • Aircraft
  • Public transport facilities

Washable up to 50°c

Any size upto 2m wide x 6m long.Logo Mat Natuzzi 1

Printing procedure:

The chromojet-printing process can in principle be compared to a giant ink jet printer. However unlike multi-colour printing each colour is connected via a tank separately sprayed with a minute nozzle into the mat-pile. With this procedure almost any design can be created according to mat size, restrictions are only given by photographic samples due to the low colour variety and print-solutions. However a near to true effect can be achieved with the use of diffusion-rastering.


The conversion, in specific the designing of the Logos, is done via PC-systems with the aid of computer programs Corel Draw and Photoshop. This system is favourable in the actual designing of the templates. However MAC formats (Photoshop/Illustrator) can also be used.

The 32 Carpet Print standard-colours enable a problem-free conversion of almost every logo. The RGB values for these colours can on request be seen as palette for Corel-Draw or Photoshop. As a guide to the colour-values a numbered index for Pantone is given. As reference however only the mat-sample-book is valid. Furthermore individual colours be mixed according to Pantone, HKS or RAL, however due to the materials and the processing (steaming, drying, fibre-direction) small variations are to be expected.

Vector-format:logomat closeup

Apart from the CDR-format further formats that can be imported with Corel Draw i.e. Ilustrator, Windows Metafile, pure EPS or PDF can be converted. All objects must have a density of 0,3 mm and the same goes for the distance between the objects (i.e.Letter-spacing).The letter sizing should not be below 12 points (dark on light colours) and 14 points (light on dark colours). Writing has to be submitted once converted to Vector-format i.e. True Type or Type 1 Font. With satisfaction of these criteria the design creating costs are not charged.